Amazonite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

“It is only in the dark, that you can see the stars.”

Keywords – Promotes Positive Vibes, Powerful Stress Reliever, Anti-Anxiety, Clearing of Psychic Trauma, Brings Clarity and Purpose to Life, Encourages Hope, Extinguishes Fear and Doubt, Creates Courage in Dark Times, Good Luck and Fortune

Chakra: Heart

Amazonite is known as the courage stone and it also goes by the name Amazon Jade or the Amazon Stone. Its beautiful light green to blue-green varieties includes Microcline, a Feldspar mineral that contributes to the unique prismatic forms inside the crystal. Some have said it appears like fine marble or a sparkling spider web effect. Amazonite can range from white to shades of yellow, turquoise color or even grey.

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It has been used since ancient times for meditation, luck, guidance and decoration. Amazonite was once a prominent feature of the over the top emperor tombs of Egypt. It has been used in all types of jewelry and clothing since the Mesopotamian cultures.

Amazonite works closely on the heart chakra, but it can soothe all other charkas in the body as well. It has an energy that is powerful and calm, just like the river it was named from. It is connected to women warriors and heals aggression, over-emotionalism, softens irrational thoughts and provides peace and balance.

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Amazonite enhances love languages and communication. It works well to balance the female and male energies as well as awakening compassion and compromise. The stone fosters forgiveness and allows one to see from different sides of a problem while encouraging calmness.

Affirmation: I am strong. I am ready. I am prepared. I can do anything. Inhale Courage. Exhale Fear.