Limited Transitioning Blue Tigers Eye Focus 10mm Stretch Bracelet
Limited Transitioning Blue Tigers Eye Focus 10mm Stretch Bracelet

Limited Transitioning Blue Tigers Eye Focus 10mm Stretch Bracelet

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Blue Tiger Eye is the transition phase between Hawk Eye to Tiger Eye. This limited bracelet is only around for a short time, showing a brilliant yellow hue with the deep midnight blue shining through. Bringing the energy of the ‘all-seeing all-knowing eye’ of Ra while harnessing the power of the Sun and Earth. Blue Tiger Eye is a stone for protection, power, and perseverance. It fills the aura with a fiery confidence. It will push you to reach new heights while remaining grounded and focused. It opens up the third eye to bring calmness, and intuition. Its frequency brings mental clarity by balancing the body's hormones to release any unneeded tensions on the journey to success. Highly recommended for times of transition.  Our Tiger’s Eye is hand-selected from the Northern Cape Province in South Africa for its unique appearance that is similar to the gorgeous eyes of felines. Our Tiger’s Eye include a wide array of “chatoyant” which is the specific position of the unique bands and waves, that often appear holographic.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties: Reduces Stress and Anxiety, Stone of Protection, Grounds and Focuses, Brings Greater Mental Clarity, Uncovers Unseen Issues, Balances Hormones, Transmutes and Transcends

Learn more about: Blue Tiger Eye crystal healing qualities!

Origin of Stone South Africa
Bead Size 10mm
Bead Finish Polished Round
Bracelet Size
Approx. 8.5"

This stretch bracelet is an original design, handcrafted by us using genuine high quality semi-precious gemstones. Our stones are 100% genuine and of the finest quality. If you need another size, please contact us with your wrist measurement. 


Gemstones may vary. Necklace style and chain length are customizable. Want shipping/packaging info? Click here for more information.