Firefly Collection Lava Honey Blue Tigers Eye Smoky Quartz 8mm Stretch Bracelet
Firefly Collection Lava Honey Blue Tigers Eye Smoky Quartz 8mm Stretch Bracelet

Firefly Collection Lava Honey Blue Tigers Eye Smoky Quartz 8mm Stretch Bracelet

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This is a limited special from our Firefly Collection that features all 8mm gemstones with one special 10mm bead in the center. Firefly symbolism possesses the power of light. It brings intense wisdom and change through experience. It is a source of emotional maturity and will enhance the ability to find the deeper meaning to life. We created the Firefly Collection with the intention of being a constant symbol of happiness and illumination while deep exploration of life's spiritual quests.

Ground yourself to the earth and express your raw intense roots with this Lava firefly bracelet. Lava is not only the oldest stone found in the world; it also embodies the explosive strength of a volcano for all time. Once the lava cools and dries, we are left with these beautiful unique black porous balls. As an extra benefit of Lava Stones, you can drop your favorite essential oils directly onto the stones. It will hold onto the oil and release the lovely smell all day, adding extra anxiety relief through aromatherapy. 

The 10mm center bead - One of our most favorite crystals ever, the Honey Blue Tigers Eye is a transitioning gemstone in the natural transformation stage of Blue and Yellow Tigers Eye. Each bead is it's own velvety masterpiece with high vibrational dimensions to get lost into. This bracelet will help you attract success and earthly abundance with it's vibrant sunny yellow sparkle. It also promotes conscious intuition with it's deep blue earth tones. Honey  Blue Tigers Eye will balance your emotional healing while going through extremely tough times or transitional circumstances. Meditating with this crystal is known for adding a natural boost of energy to complete even the most chaotic of daily tasks. It is a powerhouse of communication, truth and wisdom.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful manifestation crystal helping the wielder obtain all they desire. It is great for people that want to change their life into something more meaningful, and tasteful to their potentials and desires. As the stone of power, Smoky Quartz will give the willpower to access the inner warrior to embody strength, discipline, and courage. 

Lava Healing Properties: Calms Emotions, Stabilizes Root Chakra, Brings Natural Anxiety Relief, Essential Oil Diffuser, Enhances Security, Combats Depression, Helps Mental Distress, Encourages Positivity, Brings Intense Yet Calm Energy

Smoky Quartz Healing Properties: Stone of Power and Transformation, Grounding, Purifies and Balances the Aura Body, Increases Will and Strength, Powerful for Meditation, Provides Increased Energy, Cloaks from Negative Energies

Honey Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties: Increase Confidence, Releases Stress and Anxiety, Aids in Peaceful Transitioning of Relationships, Work or Life Circumstances, Imbues Mental Clarity and Focus, Transforms Energy, Protects the Aura, Increases Intuition, Attracts Wealth and Abundance

Origin of Stone Brazil, Africa
Bead Size 8mm
Bead Finish Polished Round
Bracelet Size
Approx. 7.5" Standard 

This stretch bracelet is an original design, handcrafted by us using genuine high quality semi-precious gemstones. Our stones are 100% genuine and of the finest quality. If you need another size, please contact us with your wrist measurement. 

Gemstones may vary. Necklace style and chain length are customizable. Want shipping/packaging info? Click here for more information.