Hasan "The Archamist"


Business Manager
Lily Rose Jewelry Co

Instagram: @the.archamist

Gather of knowledge, seeker of wisdom, revealer of truth. Hasan is a Reiki healer, food scientist, spiritual guide, and lover of life. Spent years diving deep into the biology of foods and their effects on the body. Leading to the study of the brain and ways to optimize it. Gradually making it to studying how the universe works, and the unknown phenomena.

Hasan is the Business Manager for Lily Rose. When you see him at events feel free to dive deep into conversation with him about crystals, the mind, body, spirit and how they are all interdependent on each other.


We met Hasan at a Yoga Festival and we shortly realized that we had a very strong cosmic bond with him that spanned lifetimes! Hasan has elevated our business by doing many markets and festivals, as well as being promoted to the Business Manager, overseeing any team members at our St. Pete Pier Marketplace. He is the one to contact if you are interested in joining our team! He is also the very talented author of most of our Knowledge Center information about crystal healing, chakra information, sage advice and more! He not only researched but also channeled very detailed wisdom on a vast array of conscious subjects. We honor Hasan for his ability to be extremely empathetic, loving and wise in all things business, food medicine and cosmic awareness. - Love, Sarah