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What are Tibetan Heart Sutra Bracelets?

“Om Mani Padme Hum”  Lily Rose Jewelry Co features an entire collection of Premium Sterling Silver Tibetan Heart Sutra Mantra bracelets, finely engraved with the spectacular chant, the Heart Sutra, popular in Buddism. The Heart Sutra is becoming very popular in the jewelry world.What does the Heart Sutra mean? What does the Heart Sutra mean? […]

What are Tibetan Knot Bracelets?

Many celebrities have been seen wearing the “lucky rope bracelet” or “red string bracelet.” This bracelet has many different names and is a hot trend right now. 🔥   What does the bracelet symbolize? The knot bracelets are known to be protective and bring great abundance to the wearer. It is a symbol of purity, bravery and […]

What are Nepal Roll On Bracelets?

What are Nepal Roll On Bracelets? Lily Rose Nepal Crochet Roll On Bracelets are handmade in Nepal by a group of artisan women in the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal Roll On Bracelets are crocheted bracelets that roll on and off the wrist with ease. They are VERY popular and in high style right now. There are […]

The History of Malas

Hold a Buddhist Mala in your hands and feel the ancient tradition, relaxation and energy field they give. Not only the cool, soothing feelings of the beads, but also the energy that the variations of crystals bring to each different person. The Mala, or Buddhist prayer beads, symbolizes a substantial link to an age-old tradition […]

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