What are Nepal Roll On Bracelets?

What are Nepal Roll On Bracelets?

Lily Rose Nepal Crochet Roll On Bracelets are handmade in Nepal by a group of artisan women in the Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal Roll On Bracelets are crocheted bracelets that roll on and off the wrist with ease. They are VERY popular and in high style right now. There are many vendors of this style of bracelet, but not all are authentic from Nepal. Lily Rose guarantees the authenticity with our hand-made artisan promise. Our passion is to provide beautiful boho, yet modern, jewelry that equally helps the planet, fair trade progress and each other.

Each bracelet is made using gorgeous earthy tones that give a natural luxury feel along with being playful and fun. They are so much more than a bracelet, they are a statement of hope and empowerment for women. (See Below.)

What are these bracelets made of?

They are made with the world’s finest Japanese Miyuki glass beads, and occasionally Czech Republic (for the unique size seed beads) which were imported to the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal where our exclusive designs were created.

How were these designs created? Are they copies of other brands?

We exclusively create all of our designs and color schemes. There are never copied. We work closely with a group of artisan women in Nepal to examine which colors, sizes and styles of glass bead would look the best. We have a small amount of designs now, but with your growing (and appreciated) support, we have many more coming in! Please like our social media pages for constant updates on new arrivals. Please contact us if you have a design or color scheme to submit, you may be featured on our website and send free jewelry! 

How do I wear these bracelets?

The roll on bracelets simply roll on and roll off. The first couple times will be tight, which is normal. You can make the bracelet looser by continuing the stretch the design with your hand or upper arm. If you want your design to become smaller again, simply wet it in warm water and wait for it to dry!

How sturdy is the bracelet? Can I wear it in water?

Your bracelet is very strong, it can get wet and is guaranteed for life. If it breaks, we will replace it.

What is the size of the Roll On Bracelet?

We have two sizes to our Nepal Roll On Bracelets: 

  1. The Standard: Fits wrists comfortably anywhere from 6″ to 8″
  2. The Extended: Fits wrists comfortably anywhere from 8″ to 10″

We wanted to have two sizes for every style created, as we guarantee that your beautiful original design will not be stretched out by over extending the roll over your hand. To maintain the true beauty, the extended version works better on larger wrists or for people who want the bracelet to more loose, dangling farther down on the wrist.

How will my bracelet be sent to me?

You will receive your bracelet in an authentic Lily Rose jewelry bag and a secure bubble mailer. If you purchase $40 or more, you will automatically be upgraded to an authentic Lily Rose magnetic marble jewelry gift box and free priority shipping.


What is the importance of this bracelet?

Every time you purchase a Nepal bracelet, proceeds from the sale support the artisan women who handcraft these fine bracelets and help them cultivate enriched lives through fair trade.

We also donate the full purchase price of select monthly styles to The Women’s Foundation Nepal  which work towards a violence-free society by helping women and children who are victims of violence, abuse and poverty.

What does the Women’s Foundation Nepal do?

  • Shelter Home & support: To provide a safe Shelter Home, which provides all needs. Medical, psychological and legal support to women and children who are victims of violence, abuse and/or poverty.
  • Access to education/training: To provide survivors of violence or abused women and children with access to kindergarten, school and university education as well as various skills training and empowerment programs.
  • Leverage self-dependent business: To enhance access to micro-credits and to promote local business and savings schemes for women.
  • Equal rights: To work toward the elimination of gender bias in laws, rules and regulations and to lobby for equal participation for women at all levels of government and decision-making.

Simply roll on, smile and feel the empowerment.