We believe in inspiration from this vast beautiful world, from the love of family and the vibrancy of energy.

We honor artisans and artists who handcraft items that deliver the one of a kind nature that our souls deserve.

Why handmade?

When shopping hand-made, the piece you purchase is filled with the energy of hard work, hours of inspiration and a part of someone’s soul. Connection is everything and we are so grateful to be able to share the energy of the human spirit, and the sparkle of nature, with you.

Who is the designer? Why did you choose this style of jewelry?

My first time designing and selling Jewelry came at the age of 15, where my mom would help me sell on eBay. At the time, Italian charms were just becoming popular and took a strong stand in the Jewelry world. After a lot of hard work, I came upon communications with an Italian manufacturer, creating my own designs using stainless steel and 18k gold. I enjoyed the craft, but mostly bringing joy and sentiment to people. When I became pregnant for the first time, I wanted to give my entire soul to my child and family. It was the first time I decided to put work aside. This was also the first time my husband and I became interested in organic foods, natural products, non-toxic and environmentally safe products that would leave our children a better tomorrow. Along with the stressors of being new parents, we were intrigued with meditation, Reiki and crystals. Our fascination with crystals led us to gem shows, where we met many incredible souls who traveled from different countries with unique pieces and ancient knowledge to share. The chemical compounds and beauty of these crystals were remarkable. We were thrilled to learn that the metaphysical effects were improving our sleep, pains, health and overall life! We even noticed a difference in our children. So much so, that we immersed ourselves in learning the properties of our favorite gems.

The idea that jewelry can be equally modern and affect our being in a positive way is what drove this family-owned company to be born. We aim to not only create unique styles, but also give back to charities around the world and empower foundations like the Women’s Foundation Nepal, Animal Welfare Institute, African Wildlife Foundation, Cancer Research Institute and many more.

Our jewelry pieces are locally handmade in small batches. We purchase gems from all over the world. When purchasing handmade, you help fair trade practices. Each piece is unique, and due to the semi-precious and dipped 24k gold method of electroplating, no two will ever be the same. The slight variations in each piece add a special touch. We guarantee each gemstone has been hand-selected, never dyed, filled or man-made.

Lily Rose Jewelry Co. manifested from a place of love, an appreciation of earth’s natural treasures and a tribe mentality. I am eternally grateful for your support.  –  With Love, Sarah

Why the name “Lily Rose”?

Lily was my grandmother – a stylish and fearless woman who had the mouth of a sailor and a heart of gold.

She was brave. So brave that she battled cancer and won. Through the eyes of my 4 year old self, gripping the hand of another brave beautiful woman, my mother Rose, I remember the long hard battle. The battle ended in her losing a leg, but gaining more strength and dignity than ever before. As I grew, my favorite time was in the middle of night, when the world was quiet, I would stay at her house and she would pull out her jewelry collection. Drawers and cabinets full of sparkly bobbles and bits would all be displayed on her table in the kitchen. We would take apart the broken pieces, mix the old with the new, and come up with some of the most beautiful creations. Her brave and fearless spirit taught me to reuse, renew and reinvent, not only jewelry, but myself.


Lily Rose Jewelry Company believes in fierce minds, kind hearts and brave spirits. Wear our jewelry with pride as each piece is hand crafted locally in St. Petersburg Florida using semi-precious stones and natural materials.